2020 Reflections &
2021 Visions

Get the inside scoop on what it was like operating an event venue in the midst of COVID-19, lessons learned, and our visions for recovery in 2021.

     I bet we’re not the only ones screaming, “THANK GOD 2020 IS OVER!!!!” It’s no secret that 2020 was a bust for everyone—no matter if you’re an individual or a business. Just like you, we welcomed 2021 with arms wide open and cheered when the clock struck 12 in our homes! From COVID to social unrest and political chaos, it’s been a tough year all around. Businesses struggled to keep their doors open, while families struggled to keep their lights on and food on the table, and most of the time the two went hand-in-hand.

     Navigating the turmoil caused by COVID was no easy feat. Sales went down and bills kept piling up. For a business like Goels Plaza, a banquet and conference center, operating “as normal” was nearly impossible. With Executive Order after Executive Order, local and federal, banning gatherings, imposing limits and social distancing, and stay at home orders, the event venue/hospitality industry came to a grinding halt. Long term tenants backed out of their leases as they could no longer use our immense space and frantic customers cancelled their events. Slowly but surely, every source of income keeping our business afloat diminished. While we were losing revenue left and right, we also could help customers who were eager to hold their milestone events given restrictions at other smaller venues.

“Just like you, we welcomed 2021 with arms wide open and cheered when the clock struck 12 in our homes! From COVID to social unrest and political chaos, it’s been a tough year all around.”

     While there has been some relief as the laws are becoming more lenient and even as the threat lessens with time, the “aftershocks” felt by 2020’s turmoil will still be felt for some time. But we are resilient. As time passes, we have been able to pick ourselves up and keep pushing forward—finding creative ways to get by. For instance, Goels Plaza created a Micro Package offering reduced pricing for events with less than 50 guests to cater to the smaller, more intimate gatherings that were becoming all the trend in part because of COVID.

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Here are some lessons we learned from COVID, that may help you too:

  • Make sure both parties understand terms and conditions, as external situations may now seem more evident than before.
  • Social Media and an online presence is crucial to business survival. As the stay-at-home order isolated the population, businesses and individuals were still able to connect.
  • Be adaptable and have a plan for when things go south, because you never know if or when they will. Be prepared for anything!
  • Make sure to build good relationships with your customers and be able to calmly manage any conflict that comes up because no one gets far communication-wise while having heated arguments.
  • If you’re able to, find ways to help those in your community who are in need. We dedicated funds to Healthcare Heroes, who fed and honored those front-line workers facing COVID-19. Find a local organization and make an impact!

     Goels Plaza is excited to enter 2021 with a positive outlook and head towards a promising future. We’re dedicated to keeping our doors open and continuing to serve the community safely. Just like you, we’ve created resolutions that our team is going to strive to reach day in and day out. We achieve stable growth by finding reliable forms of income through tenancy and events, focus on special relief and promotions for smaller events, and increase our overall visibility to better serve our community. At Goels Plaza, we look forward to serving you!