This will be the first in a series of blogs for you, the newly engaged couple. This really is a magical time in your lives, the magic of the year leading up to the I do’s is often overshadowed by what seems like a daunting and never-ending task, planning your wedding. We are here to help you! Throughout this blog series we will be discussing the planning stages for your wedding and etiquette. Wedding planning has six main phases and today we are going to talk about the basics.


At this point you are newly engaged! Now take a breath, smile, and take it all in. You are on the journey of a lifetime. With any luck you have at least 13 months or more until the big day, so take some time to celebrate. Plan an engagement party or go on a small trip. Take some time for you as a couple, before all the big planning really starts. Now, is a good time to start considering what type of wedding you will have. Will it be small and elegant, or will it be a grandiose affair with everyone in attendance? Remember the style and size of your wedding set the stage for what your wedding day will be.


Now that you have a vision in your mind of what you would like your day to look like, it is the time to ask that hard question: What will our budget be? This is probably one of the more important questions you will have to answer in the planning process. The average couple budgets $23,000 for their wedding and that budget is often exceeded. This can be avoided through careful planning and using a budget planner. Think about the things you must have that will make your day perfect and then determine what things you would like to have that do not have much of an impact on your day.

Bridal Party

Now comes one of the best parts of your wedding, determining who will make up your wedding party. Remember these are the people that will help you with the planning and parties leading up to your special day. You will spend a lot of time with these people so choose wisely. Choose people you are close to that are fun and easygoing, yet responsible. I remember one bride who chose someone as a bridesmaid out of duty and it did not go well. Instead of a bridezilla, we had a bridesmaidzilla, she thought the whole wedding was about her. The lesson to be learned here is to choose the people you love that will remember the day is about you, the couple. These are the people that will feel honored to be chosen and will want to make your day special!


Finally, enjoy this time. Have romantic dinners, spend time together, and remember not to turn the wedding into your lives. It is important and a special day, but it does not define you as a couple and it should not be all encompassing. Remind each other daily through thoughtful acts and time spent together that you love each other. You have already made the commitment to spend your lives together through the act of getting engaged. The wedding, while big and beautiful, is the public commitment and celebration of your love with family and friends. You already know you love each other and want to spend forever with each other, do not let that feeling get lost in the undertaking of planning your wedding.