Events are BACK!!!!…or at least they will be once we all get vaccinated.

Governor Cooper recently announced that, if vaccination and case number trends hold, most COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted on June 1st. This is amazing news.

Soon we will no longer be staring up at our own ceilings, but rather looking down at a delicious meal at a restaurant or a Goels Plaza gathering. Gone will be the days of trying to make 12 hours of conversation with our pets and returning are the days of conversing with friends at a party! And we hope you have that party at Goels Plaza.

As the world is filled with steady optimism, we’ve been paying close attention to the wants and needs of our clients:

Young People Dare to Be First

Trends show that younger people will be among the first to begin being customers and attending public gatherings again, albeit in smaller numbers. Still, even young people prefer the security of remaining socially distant and engaging in contactless interactions with others. With our introduction of micro-weddings and micro-events, let your next event be a spacious and distant reunion of your closest friends and family at Goels Plaza

Back to the Restaurants

Another common trend is a return to public restaurant eating – albeit distanced. Restaurants and event spaces, including Goels Plaza, have been inviting people back to explore their dining options. People are feeling comfortable to eat and drink in public, so long as they are 6-10 feet at least from the nearest other table, and eateries have been converting their spaces into hybrid indoor/outdoor dining areas.

A Room Divided…

Even at a micro event, some will still feel that anxiety of being around people in an indoor space again. That’s why many have cleverly devised ways for their event guests to stick to defined pods. Be it physical barriers or something as simple as a line of tape on the floor, it is that kind of creative ingenuity and adaptability that we love about our guests.

Eating, Drinking, and Fashion

The data is in! So far, the top 3 expenditures for people post- vaccination are food, beverages, and clothing. What better way to enjoy food and drinks with friends and show off your newest fashion fit than a gathering at your local venue?


These new trends are perfect for Goels Plaza’s offerings. We see you post-COVID shoppers and event attendees as determined to stay safe, yet resilient in your commitment to engage with the world. We share those values. We are dedicated to keeping our doors open and continuing to serve the community safely.


At Goels Plaza, we look forward to serving you!